Healthy Living OKC Wellness Center was created to promote healthy, active lifestyles, social interaction and overall quality of life for Oklahoma City residents 50 years and older. To accomplish these goals, the wellness center includes a combination of fitness facilities, casual social spaces, and multipurpose rooms to support a wide variety of group activities, educational programs and other events.

Healthy Living OKC is dedicated to helping you achieve what matters to you most. So we've created our wellness programs with a broad approach to guide you to your healthiest and happiest self!

We've included many social activities at the center so you can recreate with friends and community. We have numerous daily exercise activities to keep you sharp so you can live life to the fullest. We've even got educational activities and classes that will help you keep up with all the trends, technology and science.

There are classes lead by experts who will guide you and help you reach and maintain your wellness goals. We hope that as you look through our programs and classes, you will find ones that fulfill your needs.

If you have suggestions or specific needs please contact us and let us know. We will listen to your feedback and do our best to expand our programs.

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