The Give 5 Program

Give 5 is a no-cost "civic matchmaking" program that connects soon-to-be retirees and retirees with meaningful volunteer opportunities that best fit their skill sets and passions. Participants learn about the most challenging problems facing their communities and uncover ways they can help make a difference in addressing those social and systemic issues. The program is generously funded by a UnitedHealthcare Empowering Health Grant. 

Give 5 focuses on: 
  • Celebrating

                          -Retirees and their contribution to our community! 

  • Transitioning

                          -Helping retirees disengage from their "work life," which is often the only life most have ever known, and transition to learn                             to enjoy retirement while also making retirement more fulfilling! 

  • Engaging

                          -Helping retirees find their true passion and helping them connect with volunteer opportunities that match and feed their                              passions, ensuring they feel relevant

Wanting to apply to be a volunteer participant? Please complete the application here:
If you are a nonprofit and would like to apply to participate and gain skilled volunteers please complete the application here: 
Wanting to learn more about the Give 5 Program?
For any more information regarding the Give 5 Program please contact Debra McTaggart at 405-773-6910, Ext. 113, or by email
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