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As a comprehensive wellness center, Healthy Living OKC not only offers personal training and group exercise classes but a variety of sports & games to participate in. With a regulation size gymnasium, it can accommodate intramural basketball and pickleball.

While that is available for our members in the gymnasium, we also have a Bocce ball court outside and a Billiards room near the social lounge for a relaxed past time.


Ready to pass out a little healthy competition? From rookie to veteran, you can definitely get a vigorous workout playing half or full-court with your competition. You can get a group together or join the intramurals to get bragging rights. Don't miss out.


Because of its easy-to-play nature, pickleball has become a popular sport among seniors. It's played on a badminton-sized court with a tennis level net, a plastic wiffle ball and a hard paddle. Because it’s is played on a smaller court, it doesn’t require as much legwork as tennis. Instead, pickleball players rely on faster hand-eye coordination.

Games are played to 11 points, and a team must win by two. Points are scored by the serving team. There's a place on the court called the "kitchen" a no volley zone that goes seven feet on either side of the net that players aren't allowed to step into unless the ball bounces first.
It is an easy game to learn and "loads of fun" to play!

Bocce Ball

The perfect game to play after a long day of work. No one has an edge in bocce ball, unless of course you’ve been playing it for years! Much like pool, bocce requires players to take turns. This makes it an ideal game for socializing in between turns or during a player’s turn. Best yet, bocce games can be relatively short. Unlike some other yard games that can eat up half an afternoon, bocce games aren’t going to tie you down for a long time. You can pick up a game with a few friends, catch up in between turns, and then move on to the rest of the party.

Sports & Games - Bocce Ball


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