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Our Certified Personal Trainers are here to ensure you receive the motivation and education you need to start leading a healthier lifestyle. 

Your trainer will design a personal program based on your goals and current fitness level. Personal and progressive workout sessions will be a constant reminder of a healthy lifestyle.

Morgan Collier

Morgan Collier became certified through the National Exercise Trainers Association in 2013, a SrFit Mature Fitness Specialist in 2017 and completed her Senior Fitness Specialty certification in 2019. She loves giving her clients her full attention and learning all about their life and fitness goals. She’s eager to help and always has a smile on her face. She’d love to help you reach your fitness goals, whether it’s gaining strength, endurance or just being able to play with your grandchildren. Morgan will design the perfect exercise routine for you!  

2022 Readers' Choice Award
 Best Personal Trainer in OKC


National Exercise Trainers Association Personal Trainer

SrFit Mature Fitness Specialist

CPR/First Aid Certified

Senior Fitness Specialty Certification

Carole Holloway

Carole has a lengthy background in education, health and fitness. Her primary areas of interest include senior health and wellness, primarily in promoting functional fitness, fall prevention and Restorative Personal Training.  Carole leads the evidence based “Tai Chi: Moving for Better Balance” as well as Silver Sneakers programs, Yoga and dance. Carole is a nationally certified group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and a Registered (200 hour) Yoga Teacher.  Please see Carole to help assess your training needs and develop strategies to help meet the challenges of aging.  


Certified Personal Trainer

Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

Cody Madison

Cody attended The University of Tulsa where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in communications. While at Tulsa Cody was also a scholarship student-athlete that lettered 4 years on the Football team. Through this experience as a student-athlete and growing up as and athlete he learned many valuable lessons about team work, commitment, hard work and discipline and how it can help a person be successful in whatever it is they are striving for in life. One of Cody’s goals is to share these values with his clients to help them be the best version of themselves they can be.

Cody enjoys a mix between functional training and strength training in his free time. He believes this type of training helps people in their everyday life to be stronger, more agile and better balanced to handle the hurdles and pit falls life brings. He provides workouts for his clients that fit their needs based on the goals and request his clients provide. He also enjoys getting to know his client’s and building healthy relationships with them!


Bachelors Degree in Exercise & Sports Science

CPR/First Aid Certified

Mike McMahon

Mike McMahon has many years of experience and comes highly recommended as a person and personal trainer. You will never be sorry that you put your trust in him for your personal fitness goals. Mike is results-orientated and works very hard to deliver the best cutting edge workouts. Mike has had the opportunity to open and establish major health club chains throughout the nation. He loves working with the senior population and is adept at personalizing and designing workout programs for all senior populations.

     National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified
     CPT Strength Conditioning, Endurance, Flexibility, Balance
     Behavioral Change Specialist
     Overcoming Mental and Physical Challenges
     Weight-Loss Specialist, Nutrition Instruction
     Mental Toughness, Goal Setting Including: Outcome Goals, Performance Goals
     Business Enhancement Specialist
     CPR Certified 

John Robinson

John is a former High school and College athlete with a BS degree in Education from Oklahoma State University. He has spent the last 40 plus years practicing and applying the principles of strength training and cardiovascular training to his own life and to others he trains daily. During the past 30 years he has worked as a public speaker, fitness gym owner, and head personal trainer. He has made appearances on KSBI TV fitness programming, and has written the book, “FOREVER YOUNG RX”. John has a proven track record for helping people of all ages and fitness levels achieve results, and exceed their own expectations! Ask his clients!

Personal Trainers, John Robinson


Certified Personal Trainer (AFPA)

Certified Senior Fitness Specialist (AFPA)

Elite Personal Training (Cooper Institute)

CPR/First Aid Certified

Drew Simmons

Drew is certified through the nationally recognized National Association of Sports Medicine organization.  He has seven plus years in the health and wellness industry. He has a proven track record in helping clients achieve their fitness goals through customized exercise programs and diet plans. Drew consistently creates a stimulating environment in which to grow and learn new lifestyle habits in exercise and fitness.

     NASM Certified Personal Trainer
     NASM Sports Fitness Nutrition Specialist
     NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
     TRX System Trainer
     CPR/AED Certified

Patti West

Patti has worked in the fitness industry for 10 years as both a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She enjoys teaching many formats of group fitness classes, Pilates mat classes, circuit and interval training, and spin and tone classes. She also provides personal training for individuals as well as small group training. Her passion is fitness and healthy living, and working with people to make them stronger, healthier, and happier individuals!

Personal Trainers, Patti West


Certified Personal Trainer (NFPA)

Cooper Institute & Total Pilates Studio Training

Megan Burch 

Megan Burch's passion is helping others become stronger and living a healthy life! Fitness has been her passion since she was a young child. from CrossFit to triathlons, she has always enjoyed fitness and competitive training.
After working in the medical field for 6 years, Megan decided that she wanted to make a career change in her life and pursued her lifelong goal of personal training and got her certification. She loves working with people of all ages and abilities while making changes in people’s lives in a positive way. Megan is truly passionate about fitness and healthy living, and believes when you put your mind to something, anything is possible! 


Certified Personal Trainer (NFPA)

Theresa Sandell

Theresa began her fitness journey 30 years ago, she would avoid the weight room while visiting the gym until she decided to learn. Once she asked someone to guide her through the techniques she was able to build up the confidence to start training on her own. Ever sense then she has been passionate about fitness and wants to share this passion with her clients. 


Certified Personal Trainer (NFPA)


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