What’s Hiding Under the Dome in Jerusalem?

Join Author Carolyn Leonard as you learn more about Israel, a country that is home to all three of the world’s major monotheistic faiths: Muslims, Jews, and Christians.

Carolyn B. Leonard is a popular speaker at organizations, fairs, and festivals, especially when talking about her favorite subjects, genealogy, travel, and writing.
A former rural newspaper editor, Leonard remained a commissioned writer for Persimmon Hill, the award-winning magazine of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum for a dozen years. Hobbies include flower gardening, photography, genealogy, travel, history, computer networking, writer meetings, friends, family and grandchildren (not necessarily in that order).
Being a genealogist, she was excited to learn from a DNA test that she is actually 5% Jewish. Leonard believes that is one reason why she has always been fascinated with Israel and why she wrote the book, To Israel, With Love, now available in second edition. Dr. Norman Neaves wrote the foreword for this nonfiction book, which has more than two hundred photos, mostly by the author, and includes many maps of the area. More than a travelogue featuring biblical events where each actually took place more than two thousand years ago, the book also describes what it is like to visit that place now.

Her how-to genealogy book WHO’S YOUR DADDY? has been well received and she enjoys presenting programs to help people find their family’s place in history. She is a contributing writer to several other books and publications. Her newest book, being handled by Ingram Publishers, will be available next month, Every Ten Years – The US Presidents, the Federal Census, and current events that influenced the lives of your ancestors from 1790 to 1950.

And now sit back, relax, and enjoy a trip to Jerusalem to investigate what is hiding under the Dome of the Rock.

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