Genealogy with Michael

Note: A laptop or tablet is recommended to bring class, but not required.

Class Information:

February classes will be a study of French emigration & the beginning of German emigration into America. We will finish German Emigration in March. Goal is to move into the genealogy of Austria and Slavic countries & then swing into North Europe/Russia. Part lecture and part demonstration.

$5 fee per month to cover the cost of handout. Please pay at the front desk.

Genealogy is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the United States. According to some experts, nearly 75% of Americans are interested in learning more about their family history. Most get started in Genealogy to learn more about their family heritage, as well as learning how to preserve their family’s history for future generations. Whatever the reason, there is widespread interest that continues to grow. While taking on the task of researching your family tree can appear – and in many cases actually be – a daunting task, it is far from impossible. Thanks to the increasing availability of information online, many people can easily conduct a great deal of research from the comforts of their own home.


February 17 @ 15:00

3:00 pm

– 4:30 pm

Michael McCoy

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