WEEK 1-How a camera works-Learn parts of a basic camera, so you understand how to use a basic or SLR camera 

WEEK 2 & 3-Composition: Taking Better Photographs (two sessions) Everyone isn’t born with ‘the eye,’ the ability to predict what will photograph well, but you can learn how to ‘see.’

WEEK 4-Best Photo Tips

How to take better photos with your cell phone. Even with latest cell phone model, photography with it is is not like shooting with a SLR. Tips and tricks 

WEEK 5-Lighting– Natural and artificial light can make or break a photo. Since most of us haven’t invested in fancy lights and flashes, a hands-on session to learn how to add light. Bring your camera. 

WEEK 6-Preserving your images, negatives and printsIt only takes a second for liquid to ruin a laptop or a stack of photos, but it could potentially ruin recorded history & treasured memories. Learn the proper way to store photo prints, negatives and digital images. Non-photographers welcome.

April 22 @ 13:00

1:00 pm

– 3:00 pm

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