Fit, Not Frail

Fit, Not Frail is a wellness program for seniors who are interested in maintaining or achieving a healthy body weight. The reason Fit, Not Frail is different from conventional weight management programs is because it is tailored to meet the needs of older people, who are at higher risk of losing strength and muscle mass. Fit, Not Frail not only focuses on appropriate calories, but also on healthy eating for seniors.
The class also includes exercise education aimed at teaching exercises that reduce the risk of falling, such as strength-training and exercises that improve balance and flexibility. Fit, Not Frail is a four-session series that meets once a week for (approx.) 90 minutes. Sessions include instructor-led group exercises that can be performed at home. Participants are encouraged to keep track of their eating and exercise habits. Fit, Not Frail was developed and is provided by INTEGRIS educators.

June 4 @ 13:00

1:00 pm

– 3:00 pm

Integris Wellness Community

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