Expressive Arts Workshop with Eloise

Start the New Year with a new more playful attitude, more creative energy, and increased resources. Join Eloise to dance, draw, and write, as well as, learn simple hands-on applied touch Self-Care practices, similar to Acupressure, that can decrease stress, strengthen immune function, and boost energy levels.


Eloise Schafer

Eloise Schafer is a retired Registered Dental Hygienist with a BA in Movement Studies. She is also a lifelong dancer, facilitator of body awareness, creative movement and the expressive arts, an advanced Tara Approach Integrative Healthcare practitioner, and a certified Tara Approach Self Care teacher. Her passion is to share the healing and transformative power of body awareness and the creative process with others. Her goal is to guide people toward re-connecting with their core energetic rhythms, so that they can be fully present in their bodies, be spontaneous, and find joy and satisfaction through authentic creative expression. She calls her work BODY SENSE: MOVING FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It is grounded in Five Element Theory. Through playful explorations with movement, dancing, drawing, and writing, she demonstrates that creative expression grounded in an understanding of the influences of the five natural elements on our lives, along with attuning to inherent body rhythms, sensations and impulses can lead to a joyful journey of self-discovery and authentic creative expression.
Join Eloise in her FREE BODY SENSE Expressive Arts Workshops and experience the joy and satisfaction of authentic creative expression. There is NO RIGHT or WRONG WAY! JUST YOUR WAY! Come together and share individual expressions of the WATER, WOOD, FIRE, AIR, and EARTH within you.


January 2 @ 10:00

10:00 am

– 11:30 am

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