Create Halloween Witch’s Shoes and Hat

Create an awesome halloween decoration.  Find a pair of shoes from the thrift store or a pair from your home that you don’t want to wear anymore.  We will make witches shoes by taking your shoe and adding curvy toes, wings, and more.

We will be using paper mache.  So this is a three day project.

Thursday, Sept 19:  We will tape, form the shape, and put a layer of paper mache all over.

Friday, Sept. 20:  We will paint the base colors and then let dry.

Saturday, Sept. 21:  On this day, you can all jewels, glitter, and more

Supply Fee  $15

Sign up in the art room


September 20 @ 10:00

10:00 am

– 12:00 pm

Pam and Cheryl

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