BINGO BENEFIT is collecting gift cards for breast cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

Gas Cards

Restaurant Cards

Starbuck Cards

Any Cards of your Choice

Please put your cards in the Plastic Box at the Front Desk and we will give to the Project 31 representative on BINGO BENEFIT day.

Breast cancer leaves its mark on more than our bodies. So often, women experience emotional and spiritual wounds that will never show up in any scan or biopsy – but the scars remain.

We want to let you know that there is someone who understands. There are many of us, in fact. We’re a community built by and for breast cancer survivors – standing together to work through the fallout, keep our families and relationships strong, and find the tools we need to live lives defined by so much more than breast cancer.

We would love to connect with you through any of our monthly support groups throughout OKC and Tulsa (hint: we have fun!) or tell you more about our services for women and their families.

Founded by two-time survivor Sarah McLean, Project31 is a faith-based organization here to focus on the reconstruction that often needs to be done on the heart, spirit, and relationships with those closest to you throughout breast cancer and beyond.


October 25 @ 13:00

1:00 pm

– 3:00 pm

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